Calm Before The 'Ultra' Storm?

Prior to the World Cup in Russia, England fans were warned to be on their best behaviour following the tear up in Marseille at the last major International tournament.

So far so good on that front.

However, with both England and Russia giving the supporters something to keep them in high spirits on the pitch, I can’t help but wonder what will happen should it all go pear shaped.

England fans do receive a lot of bad rep, by the media, non football fans, and fans of other home nations. A lot of this is deserved but as a supporter that travelled to France in 2016, I can honestly say that Russian fans are a completely different breed.

There is evidence that Russian workers are being taught how to be welcoming and polite to other nationalities arriving for the tournament. That said I believe it would be very naive to suggest there will be no trouble during the World Cup.

With social media as it is this day & age, and already providing clips that other fans visiting Russia are resorting to the "Ultra" behaviour, does prove it's not only the Russians or the English supporters that need to be scrutinised. Last night saw scenes break out between Poland and Senegal fans, check our twitter for the video!

It’s all early days, but hopefully the action on the pitch can continue to overshadow any trouble off it.

Words by Joey Driver @thejoeydee



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