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Did you hear? It's coming home...

It’s Coming Home, with a bucket of Vindaloo

So the word on the grapevine is that before kick-off, Gareth Southgate doesn’t open his mouth. He just slams his new docking station down on the table, plugs in his iPod nano and selects “Vindaloo” by Fat Les. The players have listened carefully and taken the “we’re gonna score one more than you” instruction out onto the pitch (against Panama they admit to going a bit ott).


Along with the 3-5-2 formation this is revolutionary and proves we’re now head and shoulders above any nation at this World Cup.

All other major contenders are looking at the likes of Jesse Lingard, Harry Kane, & Stonesy and trembling with fear. It’s a welcome change that it’s them that are stumbling through the group stage and we’re sat here thinking it may be an easier route if we slack off in the last group game. Either way this England side have nothing to fear, we’ll beat whatever is put in front of us.

So far we’ve had to break teams down, when teams come and try to attack us, that’s when we’ll really roar! The belief is already within the squad, and the tongue in cheek optimism flooding through the country after beating Tunisia now seems to have an actual air of excitement about it. And So it should!

Football is coming home, there’s no doubt about it! So get the face paints out, hang your St George’s cross out with pride, and turn Baddiel & Skinner up full blast!

Come on England!



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