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FIFA 19: EFL Championship teams ranked by 'Club Value'
28 Sep

FIFA 19: EFL Championship teams ranked by 'Club Value'


FIFA 19 is finally here and there are some differences to it's previous version particularly in terms of perceived value of clubs in the Championship.

On this year's latest FIFA addition, Marcelo Bielsa drop nine places to 10th in the Championship FIFA 'club value' list.


Stoke City, West Bromwich Albion and Swansea City form the top three - still holding a significant amount of value having only been relegated from the Premier League. Second place Middlesbrough sit fourth with a value of £158million while Sheffield Wednesday beat rivals Sheffield United by over £40m.

One thing that we should point out is that It's unclear how EA determines club value although it is likely to be based on the total value of players in the squad.

Here's the full Championship FIFA 19 club value rankings:

1. Stoke City - £281.6m

2. West Bromwich Albion - £220m

3. Swansea City - £176m

4. Middlesbrough - £158m

5. Derby County - £88m

6. Norwich City - £79.2m

7. Nottingham Forest - £70.4m

8. Hull City - £61.6m

9. Sheffield Wednesday - £59.84m

10. Leeds United - £57.2m

11. Aston Villa - £44m

12. Reading - £28.16

- Bristol City - £28.16m

13. QPR - £22.8m

14. Brentford - £19.3m

15. Ipswich Town - £14.96m

16. Birmingham City - £13.2m

- Sheffield United - £13.2m

- Blackburn Rovers - £13.2m

17. Preston North End - £10.56m

18. Wigan Athletic - £9.68m

19. Millwall - £8.8m

20. Bolton Wanderers - £7.02m

21. Rotherham United - £5.26m

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