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Safe standing is on its way!

Safe standing is desired by so many but seems to be taking forever to come around. However, League One side Shrewsbury Town have become the first English club to apply to have safe standing at their ground.


The club aims to have the rail seats fitted and in use, in a section of one stand, before the end of 2017-18.

Shrewsbury's Greenhous Meadow is 10 years old so is not governed by the all seater stadiums legislatiom which permits clubs in Leagues One and Two to keep terraces that existed before 1994.

Standing has been banned in England's top two divisions since then.

That law change followed recommendations made in the Taylor Report into the Hillsborough Disaster which claimed the lives of 96 Liverpool fans.

Last November, Hillsborough Support Group secretary Sue Roberts told BBC sport it would be a "backwards step" to bring back standing.

Earlier this month, West Bromwich Albion said they were wanting to use the Hawthornes as part of the pilot scheme for safe standing - though a change in the law would be needed before that could come to fruition.

Celtic opened a 2900 capacity safe standing section last year after the Scottish champions were granted a safe-standing licence by Glasgow City Council.

Brian Caldwell, Shrewsbury Town's chief executive, says the move at Celtic has improved the atmosphere and he expects the same for his club.

"More people are encouraged to sing and get behind the team but also it's a safer environment as well," he told BBC Sport.

"Our safety officer has been up to Celtic to see it in action and was very, very pleased with how safe and secure it was."

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