The Top 6 Most Feared Away Fans

There's no hiding the fact that football has had a chequered past when it comes to hooliganism and violence around certain fixtures and with clubs travelling around Europe. In fact most European ultras say they based themselves on the English fans, which is what makes football fans a target when they travel out of the UK to Eastern Europe, Russia and Italy.

We've listed the most feared away fans in England. Agree? Disagree, let us know.

6. Newcastle United

Whilst you might be shocked to see Newcastle in this list, they actually have the most active football banning orders in the football league. Geordies will fight anything..Even the police horses.

5. Birmingham City

Usually found tearing it up with local rivals Aston Villa. Facing League One football in the face this season it's no wonder their fans have something to shout about.


4. Leeds United

Leeds away trips are the stuff of legend. Especially those proper naughty ventures into Europe. With another season in the Championship to look forward to it's local rivalry central for the whites.


3. West Ham

You've seen Green Street right? Yeah, that's all you need to know. These days they can usually be found fighting amongst themselves.


2. Luton Town

Now this one might also be a surprise to you, but Luton fans are frequently involved in crowd trouble and as they continue to rise up the leagues you can guarantee that you'll probably see them tearing it up in your town soon.


1. Millwall

I mean who else would be at the top of the list? The most feared fans in England. If you disagree with this, feel free to go and tell them yourself...


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