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The top 8 Championship clubs, based on how full their grounds are...

It doesn't take much to take 5000 more fans away when you're club is top of the league, nor does it take much to fill your ground for a derby grudge match! But we take a look at the top clubs across the Championship who have the best average % for filling their ground, probably the most important stat.

So which clubs have the best average, regularly reach near full capacity week in, week out. Some of the following may just surprise you!

#8 Queens Park Rangers 78.8%

#7 Huddersfield Town 82.7%

#6 Brentford 83.8%

#5 Bristol City 84.1%

#4 Derby County 86.2%

#3 Brighton & Hove Albion 90.4%

#2 Norwich City 96.3%

#1 Newcastle United 97.4%

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